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Cass County Board

The Cass County Board meets on the second Monday of every month at 7pm in the Cass County Courthouse.

Members of the Cass County Board are as follows:


  • Laurence "Larry" Gabbert, District 1 (Beardstown)

  • Joyce Brannan, District 1 (Beardstown)

  • Robert Schaefer, District 1 (Beardstown)

  • Michael Barnett, District 1* (Beardstown)

  • Kim Hance, District 2 (Beardstown)

  • Gary Noe, District 2 (Beardstown)

  • Josh Millard, District 2 (Beardstown)

  • Charles Hagloch, Distrcit 3 (VIrginia)

  • Bill Merriman, Distrcit 3 (Virginia)

  • Cass Wessel, District 4 (Chandlerville)

  • Ramona Douglass, District 4 (Ashland)


*Chairman of the Cass County Board is Michael Barnett


The Cass County Board meets monthly to discuss various issues of importance to the county, including the appointment of County officials, the oversight of various departments, budgetary issues, reporting of many committees and boards, and many other topics affecting the citizens of Cass County.  The meetings are held in the Cass County courtroom and are open to the public.

Contact the County Board through the Clerk's Office at
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